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Welcome to Discount Barriers

Welcome to our new blog for Discount Barriers!
If you need crowd control barriers we have a brand new patented retractable barrier system, available in the UK from Discount Barriers.
The new retractable barrier is made from high quality stainless steel with a wide stable base. Features include an “all way” tapes system, which means that the tape can go off at any angle rather than the traditional set 90 degrees. The major feature of this barrier is a patented braking system which means if the belt is released by mistake, by a child in an airport queue for example, the belt will retract into the cassette slowly and in a controlled manner. Existing systems can run the risk of the belt hitting someone if care is not taken.
The braked belt is particularly important when you have wider spans of belt. This new retractable barrier has a 4m belt which means fewer posts and hence less cost and set up required.