How to Choose Retractable Barriers

We all like to keep costs to a minimum particularly in the current economic climate but a warning: choosing cheap retractable barriers with moving parts can be a false economy.
We have tested many retractable barriers in our search to provide the best value and have been shocked with the quality of some products.

Our criteria in choosing barriers are that they must be totally reliable, built to last and offer great value for money. Some examples we have tested have lasted barely a week. You don’t have to pay over the odds, just check out a few points or ask question before you buy.

Issues to look out for with cheap barriers:

- What material – Avoid low quality steel it may rust, opt for stainless steel
- Chrome finish may be very thin and patchy, again avoid this by opting for stainless steel
- Fitting between the base can be weak pole becomes loose and leans
- Avoid concrete weights in the base; one drop and they can crack
- Testing – what testing has the belt mechanism undergone?
- Base Design can be quite crude and be a trip hazard
Any barriers that had any of the above issues were rejected by us. after testing dozens of retractable barriers we choose a top quality stainless steel system.

Our deluxe barriers have a couple of great additional features

- Replaceable cassette. Belts can get damaged so being able to replace a cassette rather than a whole unit saves you money and time, simply keep a couple of spare cassettes in stock and in a few minutes you’re back in business.

- Extra width length of 4m. The benefit is you don’t need so many to enclose an area.

- All way 360 belt attachment so you can close off any shaped area.

For full details of the deluxe retractable barrier click here.

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