Using Crowd Control Safely At Night Clubs

In my day they were called Disco’s but now the term is night clubs. Names might change but there is still a need to control crowds queuing up for night club entry.

At an event where entry is selective and numbers strictly controlled an easy method of pedestrian control is essential. For many years you will have seen classic rope and posts used outside nightclubs.
The Stanchions are usually used with velvet ropes making them functional and attractive. During the day they can be put away to allow normal pedestrial trafic.

The ropes and posts encourage visitors to queue in an orderly fashion and also allow door staff to walk up and down the outside of the line making it easy to spot any potential trouble. With an additional rope at the end of the queue it is easy to control the number of people entering the venue.

A great tip on buying ropes and posts; Posts are used outdoors so stainless steel is a good choice. Chrome finish steel is an option, but the quailty of the finish can result in rusting. Perhaps the most important feature from a health and safety point of view is the sturdiness of the unit, so choose a heavier base with a larger diameter.
Rope quality can vary a lot. For an up market venue velvet rope is very popular whereas standard rope is more robust. Either can be easily replaced, it’s all a matter of preference.