How To Effectively Use Crowd Control Systems At Events

If you are a promoter of a large event like an exhibition, trade show or classical concert then crowd control is important.  Larger events like exhibitions need to have a good crowd control system to ensure the safety of all the people that are there.

If you have attended an exhibition before you will have seen retractable barriers or ropes and posts in use, usually at the registration or trade show check-in area. These high traffic areas need control to make entry into the show as easy as possible.

The big benefit of retractable barriers is that you can change the queue size and shape during the day, adding more units during rush hours or opening gaps in the barrier to shorten the queue during quiet periods.

Watch any queue and when there is a large crowd control system when it’s quiet and people duck under the barriers rather than go back an forth.
A popular choice to remedy this are retractable barriers or ropes and posts. They are very versatile making them ideal for all crowd control situations.

Retractable barriers and ropes and posts also prove vital roping off no go areas within the exhibition hall itself.
If there is an area where a lot of the staff will go to and the public is not allowed then retractable barriers may be used.  These areas could be back stage or places where there is a lot of equipment and the public could receive some kind of serious injury if they were to venture beyond the retractable barriers or the ropes and posts.
Sensible use of retractable barriers can make any event run more smoothly for the visitors and the organisers.