Patented Belt Braking System Video

We have managed to acquire a video for our new 4m safety retractable barrier showing the difference between a normal retractable belt barrier, and one with the patented braking system. We sell both versions on our site, but as this video shows, when being used in a public place where safety is crucial, it might be worth investing in the safety barrier due to the slower belt release.

Eco Friendly Displays Make Competition Go Green With Envy

Here at Discount Barriers we strive to reduce the impact our business practises have on the environment, and the little things really add up to make a difference.

We have come across this range of green display products that really exemplify a company’s commitment to reducing the harm they have on the environment. By using natural materials that are both made from recycled material and can themselves be recycled is a great innovation in the display market.

It’s quite clear to us that the display industry, and its customers, have been becoming more green-focused over the last few years and has given us food for thought on how we can expand our product range to offer products or services of greater environmental benefit.

How to Choose Retractable Barriers

We all like to keep costs to a minimum particularly in the current economic climate but a warning: choosing cheap retractable barriers with moving parts can be a false economy.
We have tested many retractable barriers in our search to provide the best value and have been shocked with the quality of some products.

Our criteria in choosing barriers are that they must be totally reliable, built to last and offer great value for money. Some examples we have tested have lasted barely a week. You don’t have to pay over the odds, just check out a few points or ask question before you buy.

Issues to look out for with cheap barriers:

- What material – Avoid low quality steel it may rust, opt for stainless steel
- Chrome finish may be very thin and patchy, again avoid this by opting for stainless steel
- Fitting between the base can be weak pole becomes loose and leans
- Avoid concrete weights in the base; one drop and they can crack
- Testing – what testing has the belt mechanism undergone?
- Base Design can be quite crude and be a trip hazard
Any barriers that had any of the above issues were rejected by us. after testing dozens of retractable barriers we choose a top quality stainless steel system.

Our deluxe barriers have a couple of great additional features

- Replaceable cassette. Belts can get damaged so being able to replace a cassette rather than a whole unit saves you money and time, simply keep a couple of spare cassettes in stock and in a few minutes you’re back in business.

- Extra width length of 4m. The benefit is you don’t need so many to enclose an area.

- All way 360 belt attachment so you can close off any shaped area.

For full details of the deluxe retractable barrier click here.

Using Crowd Control Safely At Night Clubs

In my day they were called Disco’s but now the term is night clubs. Names might change but there is still a need to control crowds queuing up for night club entry.

At an event where entry is selective and numbers strictly controlled an easy method of pedestrian control is essential. For many years you will have seen classic rope and posts used outside nightclubs.
The Stanchions are usually used with velvet ropes making them functional and attractive. During the day they can be put away to allow normal pedestrial trafic.

The ropes and posts encourage visitors to queue in an orderly fashion and also allow door staff to walk up and down the outside of the line making it easy to spot any potential trouble. With an additional rope at the end of the queue it is easy to control the number of people entering the venue.

A great tip on buying ropes and posts; Posts are used outdoors so stainless steel is a good choice. Chrome finish steel is an option, but the quailty of the finish can result in rusting. Perhaps the most important feature from a health and safety point of view is the sturdiness of the unit, so choose a heavier base with a larger diameter.
Rope quality can vary a lot. For an up market venue velvet rope is very popular whereas standard rope is more robust. Either can be easily replaced, it’s all a matter of preference.

Investing In Crowd Control

If you are going to have a large crowd of people than you must read this.

Wherever there is a crowd that gathers, be it a theatre, nightclub, exhibition a parade or a political rally; crowd control for the smooth running of the event and safety is essential.  Crowd control can be maintained by using simple tools like retractable barrier systems or rope stanchions to keep the crowd under control.

Everyone involved with the event understands that it is imperative that crowd control be maintained. This is why using retractable barriers or crowd control stanchions is so very important.  Every one from the promoters, the organizers, the security and even the people that are attending the event understand that it is for the safety of everyone involved that the need for crowd control even exists.

There are many different brands of retractable barriers that are made and sold but they all work on the same basic principle; a stable stanchion with a retractable belt barrier similar to ones you find used as seat belts in cars.

Of course as with any other product there are some crowd control tools that are of a high quality and then there are some that seem like a great bargain but often lack features or rigorous testing.

Since retractable barriers have moving parts it’s important to make sure that the belt mechanism has been well engineered and tested so that you can be sure the unit will give you a reliable crowd control solution. Damage can occur due to wear and tear so some barrier systems have an easy to replace cassette, meaning there is no need to purchase complete stanchions, just the belt cassettes.

When the lower quality crowd control stanchions are used it may be defective in some way or perhaps it may not work as well as the other types of crowd control stanchions.  By using a higher quality crowd control stanchion the promoters and organizers will actually end up saving money in the end.  By using the higher quality stanchions you will be able to use them longer and for many more events than you would a crowd control stanchion that is cheaper and made from inferior materials.  It may cost more initially but in the long run it will all pay off.

So my advice is don’t just go for the cheapest option, spend a little time researching and asking questions before you invest in crowd control retractable barriers.

How To Effectively Use Crowd Control Systems At Events

If you are a promoter of a large event like an exhibition, trade show or classical concert then crowd control is important.  Larger events like exhibitions need to have a good crowd control system to ensure the safety of all the people that are there.

If you have attended an exhibition before you will have seen retractable barriers or ropes and posts in use, usually at the registration or trade show check-in area. These high traffic areas need control to make entry into the show as easy as possible.

The big benefit of retractable barriers is that you can change the queue size and shape during the day, adding more units during rush hours or opening gaps in the barrier to shorten the queue during quiet periods.

Watch any queue and when there is a large crowd control system when it’s quiet and people duck under the barriers rather than go back an forth.
A popular choice to remedy this are retractable barriers or ropes and posts. They are very versatile making them ideal for all crowd control situations.

Retractable barriers and ropes and posts also prove vital roping off no go areas within the exhibition hall itself.
If there is an area where a lot of the staff will go to and the public is not allowed then retractable barriers may be used.  These areas could be back stage or places where there is a lot of equipment and the public could receive some kind of serious injury if they were to venture beyond the retractable barriers or the ropes and posts.
Sensible use of retractable barriers can make any event run more smoothly for the visitors and the organisers.

Welcome to Discount Barriers

Welcome to our new blog for Discount Barriers!
If you need crowd control barriers we have a brand new patented retractable barrier system, available in the UK from Discount Barriers.
The new retractable barrier is made from high quality stainless steel with a wide stable base. Features include an “all way” tapes system, which means that the tape can go off at any angle rather than the traditional set 90 degrees. The major feature of this barrier is a patented braking system which means if the belt is released by mistake, by a child in an airport queue for example, the belt will retract into the cassette slowly and in a controlled manner. Existing systems can run the risk of the belt hitting someone if care is not taken.
The braked belt is particularly important when you have wider spans of belt. This new retractable barrier has a 4m belt which means fewer posts and hence less cost and set up required.